Peter Hammill / Van der Graaf Generator Tabs and Chords

VdGG - The Aerosol Grey Machine

VdGG - The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other

VdGG - H To He, Who Am The Only One

VdGG - Pawn Hearts

VdGG - Godbluff

VdGG - Still Life

VdGG - World Record

VdG - The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome

VdGG - Present

VdGG - Trisector

VdGG - A Grounding in Numbers

VdGG - Do not Disturb

VdGG - Other songs...

pH - Fools Mate

pH - Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night

pH - The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage

pH - In Camera

pH - Nadir's Big Chance

pH - Over

pH - The Future Now

pH - pH7

pH - A Black Box

pH - Sitting Targets

pH - Enter K

pH - Patience

pH - Skin

pH - And Close As This

pH - In A Foreign Town

pH - Out Of Water

pH - The Fall of The House Of Usher

pH - Fireships

pH - Roaring Forties

pH - X My Heart

pH - Everyone You Hold

pH - This

pH - None of the Above

pH - What, Now?

pH - Clutch

pH - Singularity

pH - Thin Air

pH - Consequences

pH and Gary Lucas - Otherworld

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