Van der Graaf Generator - Your Time Starts Now (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

      C           Am7
Your time starts now

C             Am7
  without a question,

without a clue
your response will attest

           G     C           Am
to suggestion's power, so strong

C                Am
  and growing stronger.

With self-belief
you've pulled through but you belong here no longer.

Bb                   Dm    G#                  Cm
  Fly by night, it's over;    day by day it's done.

F#               Bb               Fsus4        F
  Was it simply oversight that's left you overcome?

Bb                       Dm
  While you've been distracted -

G#               Cm
  playfully, no doubt -

      F#          Fsus4  F
your time's been running out.

      C           Am7
Your time starts now

C                  Am7
  and there's the poser.

You're going to need
all the help you can get

for the ride's nearly over.

Bb               Dm
  All that information,

G#                   Cm 
  all that warp and weft...

    F#                Bb               Fsus4      F
for all your patient fortitude you're patently bereft

     Bb               Dm
of clue, of hint, of notion,

   G#             Cm
of answers, even vague.

         F#               D#
You're ploughing forward nonetheless

     Fm              D
as though by simple doggedness

     Gm  Bb              D#7
the far side'll see you saved.

Gm   Fm   D#   D

      C           Am7
Your time starts now

     C                 Am7
and yes, you'd best begin it,

however long
you've held back,
you've demurred,
get on track, pace by pace,
just go on,

just go further.... 

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