Van der Graaf Generator - Aloft (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Sorry for being absolutely incompetent in putting correct chord names. The awkward 
titles are "provided" based on  the way I derive them when playing. The "chords" 
for this particular album should be considered only (!) as an attempt of an amateur 
piano/guitar player to put down what he has once succeeded to get. As always, the 
real state of things can be found only in the recorded music.

  F                    F       G         F
Whispers of a wind to lift you off the ground,

F                            F         G       F
  the breath of air that'll take you where it will,

F                       F       G     Am               Em
  this flight of fancy carries you until you know for sure

  there's no going back

  to where you were before,

  now you've lost the knack.

F                                 F        G    F
  With best-laid plans you once flattered to deceive,

F                        F      G         F
  of fatted calf were intent to eat your fill.

F                   F       G        Am                Em
  Perpetual motion carries you but still you know for sure

  that you can't keep track

  and you can't keep score

  there's no going back any more.

  You were tethered
eyes and ears peeled tightly on the ground,
wondering whether
what goes up is certain to come down...
steady measures,
                              Gm7  A  Dm
learn to take the whole thing in the round.

Dm      Gm      G   G+     Gm7 A Dm

  Keep on talking,

for that's all that's keeping you aloft

  it was awkward

holding in your breath before the off.

 G             G+g#                      G           Bb
Now you travel,     though you're not so eager to arrive.

  On the journey what respect you earn is token,

C                   Bb
  faith in progress    goes unspoken

Dm                               Dm A Dm
  and that's all that's keeping you alive.

A                                                     Bb
  And you know it's not the going, it's the getting there

A                                                  Bb
  that'll slow you, so you really can't remember where

G                  Gm
  you were heading    when you started;

        Dm                     A       d
all was eloquence but now it's all hot air.

Riffs follow, almost similar in structure, but in different keys for instrumental bridge and vocal bridge.

Instrumental riff:
d   d-e-e-d-e-b   d   d-e-g-e-d-b

Vocal riff:
  d    g  - a -a - g-a- a#
Draw breath in apprehension,

 g  g . a -a#-a#   -a  -g 
no safety features left in place,

your sentence in suspension.
you're clinging on, a basket case.
You didn't want to tell me
about your secret passion.
What dummy would you sell me
with such unfashionable haste?

  Hold it steady,

can't afford to let direction drift.

  Are you ready?

The denouement when it comes is swift.

G                  Gsus4           G              Bb
  Are you joking? Were you hoping for some jolly japes?

  Eat those words or spit them out before they choke you.

  Failing progress

  from this moment

Dm                        Gm7 A  Dm
  I don't see you making your escape.

A                                                     Bb
  And you know it's not the going, it's the getting there

A                                                Bb
  that'll get you, that'll get you, no-one lets you

A                                                   Bb
  know you're slowly in the process of forgetting where

  you were heading when you started.

All was eloquence

          A       (Dm)     F   F -> G -> F  x2
or was it all hot air?

  So the pay-off's due,

  now you've told your tale.

  All the words you used

are exhaled.

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