Peter Hammill - Solitude (chords)

from PH's "Fool's Mate" 1971

chord transcription by Maxim Koutskevitch <>, 3.05.1998
corrections welcome !

modifications to the nominal chord by indication of the string (1 is high E) and fret.
example: E (3-0) = Em

2nd string: -----0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--
3rd  string: --2-4----------2-4-2-0-   E (3-2)/B  E(3-2)  Bb (2-1)   Bb 
(2-0, 1-0)   A (2-0)

pull 2&3 strings in intro way     E (3-2)
Silently I rest in the tall green grass

Bb (2-1)            A (2-0)
and look steadily upwards.

[in intro way]          E (3-2)
Birds sing ceaselessly around me,
             Bb (2-1)                A (2-0)
and the blue of the sky surrounds me strangely.

E (3-2)
Out here, life is at its essence,
Bb (2-1)                            A (2-0)
and watches the world with innocent eyes;
E (3-2)                   
far from grime, far from rushing people
Bb (2-1)                          A (2-0)
it seems that I have found a tiny peace.

On the blue backdrop of the unknown
water droplets trace their paths;
on the sky, mortals hang on metal -
but who is to know how long either will last?

The lovely white clouds glide
across the sky and into my dreams...
I feel as though I had died some time ago:
now I'll wander with the clouds through eternal space.

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