Peter Hammill - Time To Burn (chords-1)

Date: Thu Sep 24 12:05:08 EET DST 1998
From: william pilong
Subject: Time To Burn

From In A Foreign Town

Cm       Gm                                    Fm
Time to burn, we could talk all the problems through

           Ab             Gm
Are the promises still unbroken 

          Gm                    Eb   Gm
do the spoken words still ring true

Cm                 Cm
Oh, and where are you

Time to burn, wakes and weddings, celestial choirs
and while one hand shakes on the bargain
see the other stoke the suttee pyre
So we're all on fire

Cm              Eb Gm
burning for tomorrow

Gm                        Bb
So much time wish- and hoping

soon the future will come

          Ab                    Gm
with a bridal wreath for the wedding

         Gm                   Eb   Gm
in the hands of the prodigal son

So much left undone

Cm                 Eb Gm  Cm
here we are with time to burn

The rest pretty much carries on like this. Certain chord inversions make the song easy to play. bill

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