VdGG - Man-Erg (chords)

Chord transcription by Ignacio Lois (tangermail@yahoo.com)


F    C/E   Dm7   C
     F                  C/E  Dm7          C
The killer lives inside me:   yes, I can feel him
  F                 C/E                 Dm7          C
Sometimes he's lightly sleeping in the quiet of his
     G             Em   F   G     F      Em    Dm
but then his eyes will rise and stare through mine;
 Em     F    G  F    Em    C              G/B
he'll speak my words and slice my mind inside.
         F              C/E  Dm7  C
Yes the killer lives
Angels live inside me: I can feel them smile...
Their presence strokes and soothes the tempest in my
and their love can heal the wounds that I have
They watch me as I go to fall
-well, I know I shall be caught,
while the angels live.

This middle part is weird. The bass line goes

6/8 Bb C A C Ab C |5/8 C C C C C

and in the 5/8 bar there is an athonal chord. My best guess was:

C F# G B
How can I be free?
How can I get help?
Am I really me?
Am I someone else?

The same, but rallentando, and then:

F9 F Dm4 Dm
F9                      F9 F             Dm4           Dm4 Dm
   But stalking in my cloisters hang the acolytes of
F9                               F9 F        Dm4           Dm4 Dm
   and Death's Head throws his cloak into the corner
of my room
Bb+ Bb Bb5b  F
and I  am   doomed...
But laughing in my courtyard play the pranksters of my
and solemn, waiting Old Man in the gables of the roof:
he tells me truth...
I was too lazy to transcribe the middle instrumental
(some work for you)
And I too, live inside me and very often don't know
who I am:
I know I'm not a hero, well, I hope that I'm not
I'm just a man, and killers, angels, all are these:
Dictators, saviours, refugees in war and peace
as long as Man lives...
I'm just a man, and killers, angels, all are these:
Dictators, saviours, refugees...

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