Peter Hammill - Alice (Letting Go) (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

The main body of the song is based on of the following (in "note", "Chord", "string-fret" format):

d  g   Gm  { 4-3  3-3 }  { 4-3  3-3 }-{ 4-5  3-5 }, or {3 3 3 3 x x} {3 3 3 3 x x}-{3 3 5 5 x x} - whichever sounds better
d  g   Gm  { 4-3  3-5 }  { 4-3  3-5 }-{ 4-5  3-7 }, or {3 3 3 x x x} {3 3 3 x x x}-{3 5 5 x x x} - whichever sounds better

However, in place of Gm chord flageolets are played, so that chord is just a reference for the actual play. 

Fm*		3 3 3 3 x x
Fm(+c+g)	3 3 5 5 x x
F?		3 3 3 x x x
Gm		3 5 5 x x x
Bmb(+c)		1 1 3 3 1 1

INTRO: Play same structure as for the verse.

d g           Gm     Fm*          Fm*     Fm(+c+g)
    When you told me    that you loved me

d g           Gm     F?     F?      Gm
    I had no reason     to doubt it

d g  Gm                         Fm*    Fm*        Fm(+c+g)
    so I went about my life in such a selfish way

d g      Gm            F?      F?      Gm
    and never really thought about it.

Dm      Cm                   Gm    (play in the same way through all the verses)
O   -   oh do I have to let go?

Dm      Cm                            Gm
O   -   oh I had my chance and I've blown it,

'cause I         loved you so much all these years

and      somewhere in myself, between my pride and fear

just couldn't find a way to    show it.

d g                    Gm      Fm*  Fm*     Fm(+c+g)
    I know it doesn't give you any joy 

d g     Gm      F?   F?      Gm
    to give me such pain

d g               Gm                 Fm*     Fm*     Fm(+c+g)
   but you're in love with him now, my old friend -

d g             Gm                 F? F?         Gm
   I know all about that, there's no need to explain

      Dm    Cm                   Gm 
but why  -  y   do I have to say    goodbye

     Dm     Cm                                             Gm 
when I   -  I  love you still, and can only feel that I'm dying?

Still,          every word I say just seems to come out wrong

and     none of them deny the fact that you are gone

and that I'm left here,     crying.

Cm                         Dm
  What's the good of songs anyway?

             Bmb               G#m
They're just     exercises in solitude.

  Cm                               Dm
I    should have been ready for today -

I always prayed you wouldn't go,

                         G#m                         Gm
but I suppose I always knew you would.

I suppose you say to him now
"I know that some day you'll leave me"
just like you did to me, and I'd deny it,
but you wouldn't believe me.
Ooh do I have to let go of you
ooh I don't think that I can do it -

you're always going to be the guardian of my soul,

and I'll     always have a part of you to call my own,

how stupid that I never    proved it.
Dm  Cm                        Gm
O - oh I know I'll never let go

Dm Dm C#m Cm                                        Gm
O    -    oh because I don't want to be just your friend.

We spent        seven years together in our own way,

   Gm#                                        No Chords
I can't believe the story ends like this today....

Wherever you are do you really think so, Alice?

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