Van der Graaf Generator - (Oh No! I Must Have Said) Yes (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Riff in Gm:

I don't want to talk about the old days any more,
I've set aside all the unsettled scores
but nonetheless the past still casts a shadow on me.

I could walk away without a second glance,
the way things panned out down to random chance
but nonetheless the logic's far beyond me.

Riff in A:

Oh no! l guess I must have said yes.
Oh no, I must have said yes.

Bridge from G to C#

So now I find I'm in a parlous place,
repenting at leisure for what I did in haste,
all my past promises are catching up on me.

Oh no, l guess I must have said yes.
although I'm inclined to digress
l know I must have said yes.

And if blame's attached to anybody

It'll be me,

I'm the one who said that I agree.

I apologise to everybody,

what else can I do?

Now I'll do my best to see it through,

  I've got no other option.

Swing in Dm7:

No excuses, no stewing in my juices,
denial is useless, holy cow,
with precision my everyday decisions
have led me to be in the here and now.

Riff in A:

Riff in G:

I'll be right here and now for what it's worth
hoist on my own petard as I am
but let's not talk about the old days

G                                 C#
  except to say the consequences run,

G                                 C#
  to be plain, what's over isn't done

G                                       C#
  and you thought you were only having fun.

G   A#  G

A                                  A
  Oh no, I guess I must have said yes

    A                   A
although I was under duress

    A                    A
I know I must have said yes.

G   A#

          C                     A#
Though I don't know quite what happened to me,

 C             D#
how the story went,

                                G        A#   G
somewhere on the way I gave consent.

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