Peter Hammill - A Way Out (chords)

Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 20:09:32 PDT
From: william pilong

        Gm            Dm           Bb
Out of joint, out of true, out of love,

            Cm           Gm            Dm
out of the blue, out of order, out of orbit,

out of control,

        Gm            Dm           Bb
out of touch, out of line, out of sync

            Cm          Dm           Cm
and out of time, out of gas, out of tread, out of


        Gm           Dm            Bb
Out of date, out of stock, out of use - 

out, out damned spot!

         Gm            Dm             Gm
You want out, you want out of it for good.

             Gm                 Dm
Out of the running, out of the game,

             Bb                 Cm
out on your feet, clear out of range,

          Gm             Dm
out of context, out of contact,

out of the woods.

Gm   Dm                     Gm
Out, out, looking for a way out,

no straws are left to cling to,

Gm   Dm                      Gm
out, out, going for the fade-out...

but what do you fade into?

            Gm             Dm
Out on the town, out for laughs,

          Bb            Cm
out of service, out to grass,

          Gm              Dm
out of mourning, out of purdah,

        Gm           Gm             Dm
out on bail, out of kilter, out of grace,

       Bb               Cm
out to get out of this place,

             Dm            Cm
out of this world, out and out

beyond the pale.

                   Ab                Fm
Right out of character, out of sympathy,

Ab           Ab
so far out upon a limb

       Ab           Bb
you're out of your tree...

        Gm             Dm                Bb
Out of breath, out of tune, out of your head

            Cm            Gm
and out of view, down and out,

             Dm                        Gm
out for the count, or is it just for revenge?

        Gm            Dm            Bb
Out of sight, out of mind, leave it out,

            Cm          Dm
leave it behind out of reach

         Cm          Gm
of all family, all friends.

Gm   Dm                      Gm
Out, out, going for the bale-out,

no parachute above you.

Gm   Dm                            Gm
Out, out, you'll not feel the fall-out.

I wish I'd said "I love you".

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