Peter Hammill - Shell (chords)

[from William Pilong]

F#/C#       F#/C# 
Turn a card, turn a page, 

the action sure to start, 

C#            F#/C# 
second-stage reaction 

   Bbm                  F#/C#   B 
to illogical thoughts on random lines - 

    D#m             F#/C#   B 
in a Borges dream we move toward 

    F#/C#      F# 
the writing of lives. 

Leave it out, leave it in, 

no edits - 

with a shout, with a grin I said 

it was a certainty that I'd arrive 

in an Escher sketch 

we walk around 

the drawing of lines. 

    D          Bm 
The character uncertainty 

      Bm               D 
as he contemplates his lot 

    D                 Bm 
and tries to move with urgency 

           C#sus4        C# 
though he's rooted to the spot. 

On the brink, on the edge, 

but lately what I think, 

what I said escapes me 

in a flash, a tiger burning bright - 

does the visionary trance obscure 

the burgeoning night? 

F#  Bbm 
D#m  C# (improvise over the next verse) 

And she said "What are you doing?" 

And he said "What do you think?" 

Oh, no, 

what on earth are we doing? 

     D          Bm 
The characters procrastinate 

       Bm              D 
on the threshold of the door; 

        D                   Bm 
there's something here that fascinates, 

           D              Dsus4    D 
though the meaning's still un-     sure 

       Dsus4    G 
and the plot so thick. 

Is it some kind of history? 

           G                Em 
Sketch the thumbnail to the quick. 

                     D             D6  D 
Oh, even though it's full of contradiction, 

D           D6             G 
though it's flawed in the design 

this is no fiction, 

      C#sus4    C# 
it's a life-    line. 

Here we are, there we went, 

full circle, shooting stars, 

heaven-sent, turned turtle on the beach 

our shells are left behind 

life a library, like a memory 

of our ghost-written lives. 

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