Peter Hammill - Time Heals (chords)

From:	Dagmar Klein []
Sent:	22 Sep 1997 18:50

Oh bugger, it's another Hammill song... as I spent the best part of the
last two months in an Over mood, I think it's only fair to share some of
the fruit with you lot (if anyone actually reads this site apart from me):


         am                  dm          am                          G   
Thinking back, it seems that I can lie beside you like I never truly did
   F           G  am  
In afterglow - no afterwords at all.
am           F/a  am    F/a  am   G6       
Only writing love songs when it's gone and dead
F           dm/a  F    dm/a    F  em
only paying words out, strings of half-forgotten sentiment.
F em
I mean...
em F
f e f   e   f  b     f     e   f   e   f  b  (single notes over an E bass)
I never really quite could say the way it was.

    am                                  F
The first time that we met I thought 'I bet that she's the one"
          Esus4                      Esus4/7  E
but I was talking to myself than, as always.
   am                                 F
As time went by our steps entwined, unwritten lines grew taut, and I
Esus4                          Esus4/7 E    
tried to find a way to make it all safe.
am              G
Into the play - what a production!
F                 E
Into the days and ever more suction
    am             G
You hold me close, hold me farther
 F                               E5+ E
away from yourself - I make me a martyr,
    am       G       F       E 
for pain and love go hand in hand...

And hand in hand go you and my friend, you are his and I am yours
and I just cannot evade you.
My days are dream, my nights unseemly, stolen moments all I live for, 
but theft is no way to persuade you
to come with me, leave him behind you,
my hurtful eyes try to remind you,
it's all I can do to keep on screaming
'I love you, I love you!' - I wish I were dreaming,
        em       D        C     B   
but the steps we take all leave footprints.

D  G/d D  G/d D D   G/D   D     G/d  D  D 
Sooner or later the whole thing will be blown
A   D/a  A     D/a A  A    D/a A   D/a   A A
You will leave him or I'll be left here, alone.
D G/d  D   G/d D   D G/d D   G/d
Either way someone loses someone
G C/d   G    C/g   G G    C/g   G     G/g  G  A
I don't mind that, I just would quite like to know who we love the most,
but I guess that's ourselves.

The days are strange, at night we're stangers, lie in bed and lie inside
our heads,
we come no closer than as dancers.
Your eyes are change, your presence danger, won't look me in the eye and
yet you kiss
and make up the answer
to all the questions that lie unanswered, unreasoned,
death in the sky, death in the season,
if you leave me now, it might nearly kill me
Remember me?
Remember we three?

It all seemed so important at the time
We came so close to wrecking all our lives
And now it's all just song lines...
Time heals,
time heals...
oh, but I still bear the weals...

*here, the "em D C B" sequence drops down gradually, to "am G F E", first
the bass notes, then the whole chords*

Thinking back, it seems that I can lie beside you like I never truly did
in afterglow - no afterwords at all.
Only writing love songs when it's gone and dead,
only paying words out, streamss of half-forgotten sentiment.
I mean...
I meant...
I never really quite could say the way it was...

*The usual notes: this is piano notation and might sound wrong on guitar because of the different inversions. Lowercase letters indicate minor chords, though I've now got round to adding an "m" most of the time. C/g means a C major chord with a G as a bass note. Hammill does that a lot...*

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