VdGG - Afterwards (chords - 1)

Appearing on the albums : Aerosol Grey Machine by VdGG, The Peel Sessions by Peter Hammill, I Prophesy Disaster by VdGG (compilation).

This is a basic outline of the song. Any suggestions are welcome. Jacques Cote <scherzo@qbc.clic.net>

Dsus4     D   Dsus4  D       C      G       D     A    D
You stare out in yellow eyes larger than my mind;

Dsus4  D  Dsus4   D      C         G     D        A
in viscous pools of joy, relaxing,    we glide...

Am    G       D
 it's all too   beautiful

Am        G      D
  for my mind to bear.

           Am      C    G                              D
and, as we shimmer into sleep,     something's unshared.

But, seeing the flower that was there yesterday,

a tear forms just behind the soft peace of your shades...

The world's too lonely

for a message to slip

but between the dying rails of peace

you trip.

The petals that were blooming are just paper in your hand;

your eyes, which were clear in the night, are opaque as you stand...

It was too beautiful

for it to last...

These visions shimmer and fade out of

the glass.

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