Peter Hammill - Ram Origami (chords)

Transcripted by: Marc Chaunet
Chords by Xavier Alvarez

From the album X My Heart

Here's the lost boy with the brittle smile,            Cm    G#
plastered panstick on his face,                        Cm    G#
making himself up; for a little while                  Cm    G#
all the fragments will remain in place.                Cm    G#
We are only what we manage to retrieve                 Bb    G#
out of memory (Who do you think you are?)              Cm    G#

Inside, it's hailstorm visibility                      Cm    G#
transformed by outer confidence and charm:             Cm    G#
step up to take responsibility,                        Cm    G#
step down to keep the pieces of identity calm          Cm    G#
and the moment we believe that we got it all in place  Bb    G#
is the very moment when the cup overflows,             Bb    G#
out of memory.                                         Cm    G#

(Who do you think you are?  
Where did you say you'd been?
What did you think you were?
How did it seem?
How does it seem?) 

There goes the who, the what, the why and wherefore    Cm    G#
all folded up in origami stuff:                        Cm    G#
people and places we once cared for...                 Cm    G#
we remember, but not vividly enough                    Cm    G#
and it's all blank paper when we finally open up       Bb    G#
with not even watermarks as messages to trace          Bb    G#
only folds in the floe of the frozen face              Bb    G#
out of memory.                                         Cm    G#

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