Peter Hammill - A Run of Luck (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

G7 in the beginning seems to omit the lower g in the g+b+d+f sequence.

Cm   G7    Cm    Fm G7

Cm       G7

Cm                 Fm   G7
  this circuit's bro - ken,

Cm               Bb
  the juice is drained,

          G#                   G7
the body weak and the head is bowed.

Cm      G7
  I suspect

Cm               Fm   G7
  what stays unspo - ken

         Cm            Bb
  will prove to be a truer word

G#                       G
  than any we shout out loud,

G#6                  G
  chests puffed up proud.

     G#             Cm                   G
Oh, life's so cheap     that there's no doubt

          G#           Cm                     G      
you'll be in too deep     when your luck runs out,

  Fm      Cm    Fm      G#          Cm    G7
when you run aground, when you're done.

Cm         G7
  Pay the debts,

Cm            Fm    G7
  play the posi - tion,

Cm               Bb
  just don't pretend 

                  G#                 G7
that you've not known all of this before.

Cm           G7
  Misplaced bets,

Cm               Fm G7      Cm
  distressed conditions combine.

When time runs out
            G#                G
we know we can't ask for any more.

G#6             G
  This much is sure:

      G#                Cm                          G
that life's still great    though the wick's burned up.

        G#        Cm                      G     
You can only wait    till your luck turns up.

  Fm           Cm   Fm      
Still you're spun around

   G#         Cm    G7
until you're done.

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