VdG - Last Frame (chords)

Chord transcription by Jose Javier Glaria <jglaria@iies.es>, 9/9/97. Comments and corrections welcome, though fast response not promised.

Notation: Modifications to the nominal chord by indication of the string (1 is high E) and fret. Examples: E(3-0) would be Em. Em(2-3) would be Em7.

A superstrong song, with accumulating tension finally released in "... so stra a a ange".

Last Frame (The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome)


(Am F) [x 3]

        Am                            F   Am
Pretty keen - yes, my hobby keeps me busy;

and if I talk to myself, what's the [, well, that's not a] crime?

        C(2-0)          F(1-0,2-0)          A(2-0)
In the darkroom I am a dealer in space and time...

          G(2-3)          D
when all memory is [has] mellowed,

when the photograph is yellowed,

                A(2-3,3-0)  A(2-3,3-0,6-3)
still it never lies.

                                             F(1-0,2-0) A(2-3,3-0,6-3)
There you are, your eyes laced with secret pleasure,

saying that you're on the way to change,

   C(2-0)                F(1-0,2-0)
devouring in inordinate measure

every diversion that's arranged.

         G(2-3)                 D
For every appetite, a cruel attraction,

but there's a panic in your actions;

       E           B       A(2-3) C G(2-3) G(1-0) Am
oh, I never saw you look so stra_ a_a_     a_     ange.

Am C G(2-3) G(1-0) Am (three times, whith 2 alternating different timings)

E(3-2)                   D G
Fixing memory chemically,

         E(3-2)                D G
holding time on the stop-clock,

         E(3-2)                  D
hanging back from that last frame

G(2-3)   D                         A
just in case it didn't [doesn't] show you

        G(2-3)         D
in the way I used to know you...

 F                       E    B  A(2-3) C  G(2-3) G(1-0) Am
I thought you'd always stay the sa_     a_ a_     a_     ame.
[But you won't.]

Am C G(2-3) G(1-0) Am (3 times, whith 2 alternating different timings)

C G(2-3)

E(3-2) D G                   ( x 3 )


Am C G(2-3) G(1-0) Am        (aproximate. 5 or 6 times with different
                             timings and lengths)

Am A(2-3)                    (8 or 9 times)

A A A G G G D D D A G G A    (humble attempt to cue about the rithm)

A A A G G G D D   D D A

A        G             D             A     G     A
The red light, the silver, the black and the bromide;

A      G             D            A
the silence, the waiting for overview...

     C(2-0)                    F(1-0,2-0)
The past seems under-exposed, low tide,

but still the images ghost through.

             A           G
And you're there in the bath,

         F             A
which is all this has led to,

       A              G
and I can't say your path

      F             A
is a right one to choose...

           G(1-0)       D           A
But then I only have a negative of you.

A G F A [6 or 7 times until end]

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