Peter Hammill - Pompeii (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

[Intro:]  G   G7   G   G7   G   G7   G   G7   

     G                 G7            G      G7
The golden dream, the seat of all decorum,

   G            G7                 G        G
a satellite to match the light of Rome;

     C                Am            G       G
its silver children chatter in the Forum,

     C                   Am                  D       D
the bath-house, and the brothels, and their homes

  G               G7                  G          G
about the latest fashions for their clothes.

   D              C               C          C
Across the Tyrrhenian Sea comes drifting

   Am                 D              G       G7     G     G7
a song that none of them have ever known.

     G                 G7                 G      G7
The golden dream that holds back all the hours

         G               G7        G       G
for the ladies in their Dionysian rites,

  C               Am              G        G
blonde heads all garlanded with flowers,

 C             Am                           D       D
wine and love     and laughter through the night

     G                  G7                 G       G
in constant masque and pageant, constant flight.

      D                 C            C         C
The ground below them whispers in a murmur

   Am                D                G      G7   G   G7   G   G7   G   G7  
of passion which is hotter yet than white.

     G                 G7          G      G7
The golden dream, the city of all cities,

     G              G7           G        G
its towers piercing into azure sky,

       C                Am              G      G
whose hand is dealt, regardless of all pity,

    C                    Am             D      D
condemned to martyrdom,     but not to die.

     G              G7                     G      G7
Two lovers look up      from their hidden bower.

     G                  G7                G       G
The wine has stood too long and it turns sour.

D                     C 
  I see the tall and bending of your streets

D                         C 
  but now they echo only leather tourist feet

D                      C           (b)   Am
  and waking, ashen, grey-blue blinding death

             G                 G7   G   G7   G   G7   G   G7   G   G7
your sudden winding-sheet.

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