Peter Hammill - Far-flung (across the sky) (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

The verses are played in B, something needs to swing octaves in b and c notes, 
and guitar does some d-to-e-to-a work. The chords imply base keys. Improvise!

Alone beneath a foreign sky I wonder
could I be any further flung than this?
Against the winds which cast me to this distant shoreline

I can still blow a kiss
  to fly off in migration, heading homeward
with all my thoughts upon the wing to you.
Though all our dreams and wishes seem so distant

                         A    G
this much we can always do...
If we just raise our eyes

        C         B (?)
we'll share the sky.
The evening sun upon my cheeks already
the glimmer of a dawn approaching you;
across the curvature of earth
                                A     G
invisible connections bind us true.

If we just close our eyes

             C                 D
we'll be together in a little time...
if we just raise our eyes

we'll share the sky.

A  ?

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