Peter Hammill - Some kind of fracas (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

Maybe I am wrong, but I prefer to play this (for my pleasure, remember!) in single half-mudet 
notes, or quintas. The "chords" are then reference points for the basic guitar line. Improvise 
over it, and refer to the original, of course.

Intro:  Dm  F  Dm  F-Em-Dm  F-G-Dm  F-Em      Dm  F-Em-Dm  F-G  Dm  F-Em-Dm   F

G       Dm            F  -  Em-Dm         F-G      Dm   F-Em-Dm   F-G
It was some kind of fracas,

    Dm          F   -   Em-Dm
it came out of nothing,

  F    -    G  -  Dm   F-Em-Dm         F-G-Dm
blew up in my face.

        Dm            F  -  Em-Dm         F-G-Dm
It was some kind of fracas,

F-Em -  Dm       F   -   G-Dm         F-Em-Dm
     a misunderstanding,

F     -    G    -    Dm              F-Em-Dm    F-G
a word out of place.

 Dm            F  -  Em-Dm         F-G
Some kind of fracas

Dm          F   -   Em-Dm         F
in the back office,

G       Dm        F - Em-Dm         F
it blew up in my face

 G      Dm      F-Em-Dm         F
like a firework.

G       Dm       F    -    Em-Dm      F-G
It was bad luck, it happens....

   Dm    F   -   Em - Dm
I found myself there:

       F      G     Dm         x076xx  x065xx       f-g f d c a g f d     F-Em-Dm  F-
wrong time, wrong place.

G  Dm      F    -    Em-Dm
I found myself there,

       F         G            Dm   F-Em-Dm     F-G-Dm   
wrong time and wrong place.


   Dm            F - Em-Dm         F-G-Dm   etc.
I found myself there.

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