Van der Graaf Generator - Alfa Berlina (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

In the fullness of time, when it's all waxed and waned
and the cycle's complete maybe it'll make sense at last,
all the strangeness explained, all the stories discrete.
Maybe then it'll all be clear.

D#    Gm   D#    Gm 

D#                                      Gm
  I've got a lifetime's library of unreliable mementoes

Gmsus5                            Gm
  and I could show you one or two

D#                           Gm
  if it's of interest, it'd be an education

Gmsus5                         Fsus4   F
  for me to simply talk you through

D#                                 Gm
  how I wore my innocence as some kind of novelty

   Gmsus5(+f)    Gm
as if I didn't know

Bbm                          Fsus4     F
  between the devil and the deep blue sea

         D#          D#
lay the fire down below.

All sense of caution was abandoned in the moment,
our eagerness to claim the day.
The dice we rolled would take us anywhere
and there were no excuses left to stay.
This was the time, this was the chance to go
and do it in some style.
Just turn your face up to the summer sun
and drive a thousand miles

      Gm7  Gm6     Gm   x2        c#   c    c#    c     e     d    c#     c#
in an Alfa     Berlina.           

I saw a wolf high on the mountain pass,
the stars were tumbling end to  end.
I knew I'd ne-ver feel as free as this a-gain.
The sea be-low us like a looking-glass,
we drifted through the hair-pin bends

       Gm7  Gm6     Gm     Gm7 Gm6 F F
in the Alfa     Berlina. 

D#                      Gm
  So very long ago, so far away,

     Gmsus5(+f)       Gm
it's all time out of mind

Bbm                           Fsus4       F
  but when I think about the way it was

         D#          D#
we were recklessly alive

       Gm7  Gm6     Gm   x3
in the Alfa     Berlina.           

In the fullness of time I can look back and say
I first fell on my feet
in the Alfa.

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