Peter Hammill - Modern (chords)

Taken from "The silent corner and the empty stage"

Chord-transcription by  Wolfgang Bechtluft, Germany, 23.08.2002
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Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at it's heart:
e                                              C
people are drawn together, simultaneously torn apart......
C/D/e           D                      C                   D
foundations are shatterd in the city inside the barricaded doors.
e a    e   C   D    e     e  a   e    C      e
Hiding behind the walls, lonely as night falls,
Cmaj7     e                      D
maybe the people are waiting for trumpets.....

Babylon's strange, seventh wonder of the earth:
e                                               C
gardens ablaze in colour, slowly rotting in the dirt....
C/D/e            D                C           D
oh you with your head on fire you can't realy see.
e   a  e   C  D    e     e   a    e C  D     e
The hangig gardens sing, but with a hollow ring:
     G   a  D       e   G  a     D  e
the life is false, it's killing me........

Don't look back or you'll turn to stone;
     C                              e                   D
look around before your life is overgrown with concrete slabs.
        e                  D          a                   e
On your back the searching eyes, that stab between chintz curtains,
          D                     e
glinting, but never owning to a name.
F#                                   H                       
Like the inmates of asylums, all the citzens are contagiously
 D/ c#/ a#/  a

Atlantis is strange, the explosion of an age:
e                                                 C
no-one really knows what to do, and the city is a cage........
C/D/e                         D                  C                   
it traps with ashen hours and concrete towers imprisons in the social
e                         A#
the cities lost its ways, madness takes all today
under water, I can't live .......

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