Peter Hammill - Nobody's Business (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

Intro is built on a guitar riff. Get the idea how to play it from the original recording. 
Not a tough one....

  Look out through your dark hair,

tell me the colour of your eyes when they're cool;

look out through the dark ages

and tell me what's covert, transfixing you.

B                    A
Oh, you're nobody's business,

G                    A
oh, you're nobody's business

and the patterns of your life

     G          A         E
are suddenly twisted and torn

     G                 A                  E
and gone are all the clothes that you've worn.

Just like yesterday's papers

you're tired and forlorn

            D E
and you're no-one.

Look back at the photos you've saved,
dead mementoes of your modelling days;
I look through all my cuttings of you,
but they all seem so lost, so dead, out of phase.

Oh, you're nobody's business...

I think back to the girl that I knew -
she doesn't seem so very much like you:
she used to care about her smile and not her face...
that's before it was her fortune and took over her soul's place.

Oh, you're nobody's business...

Papering yesterday's pages,
tapering off in the storm,
you're no-one.

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