Peter Hammill - Time For a Change (chords ans tabs)

(by Chris Judge Smith)

Chord transcription and tablature by Ola Rinta-Koski 17-Feb-96

   Em                Am                B7                               Em
E -------------2-3-|-----------0-2-3-|---------2---------|--------------0-|
b -----------0-----|-------0-1-------|-------0---0-------|--------------0-|
g ---------0-------|-----2-----------|-----2-------2-----|-4-24200--0---0-|
d -----2-4---------|---2-------------|---1-----------1---|---------4-40-2-|
a ---2-------------|-0---------------|-2-----------------|--------------2-|
e -0---------------|-----------------|-------------------|--------------0-|
   Time       for a  change:     I felt bad,       things  strange

Em         Am
Time for a change:
       B7                 Em
I felt bad, things looked strange.

Home, home on the range...
Yes, it's time for a change.

Dm           A         Dm       A
"Well, young man, when you grow up
Dm          Em      Am
what do you want to be?"
Dm       A       Dm       A
"Please, sir, if that's alright
           Dm                   Em        Am   B7
I'd really rather like to learn how to be me."

Switch on the light,
getting late, almost night.
A shilling puts you right,
you can switch off the night.

The world was looking stretched and tight,
it's an overblown balloon.
I've got the feeling something big
has got to happen soon.

Oh, time for a change,
out of reach, out of range.
Go and tell Doctor Strange
that it's time for a change.

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