Peter Hammill - Edge of the Road (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

     E           A
The lady was in waiting

         E                  A
for whatever story might unfold

E        A                        E                     A
  anticipating that somehow base metal would turn into gold

yeh, she was always looking for a brighter spot,

eager to tap into the motherlode

at the edge of the road.

   E            A
A world of separation,

E                                    A
  treasuring each pleasure and each pain

E             A
  distance is arching between them,

E                             A
  a rainbow, no gold in the frame

until the boy with a smile like forget-me-nots

will finally come in from the rain.

But he's out there still:

                    A                          B
in the hourglass a sandstorm has stripped his sails,

only wanting to fill up his pockets

          A                       B
with the dust of all the bygone trails.

 C#m           B             ?
Someday he'll make his way home.

              A                 F#m                   B
But will the man of the moment finally make himself known

and lay down his load

       B     E          A
at the edge     of the road?
       B     E          A
at the edge     of the road?

E                   A
  The woman was in waiting

E                              A
  less in expectation than in hope;

maybe he'd come to his senses in a little while

if she just paid out plaits of flaxen rope.

But he never will,

in his heart there's the murmur of an alien disease,

waking up to the chill of the knowledge

           A                           B
that his travel's brought him to his knees.

 C#m        B
Nowhere is safe from all harm;

             A                 F#m                  AB   ??????
so will the man of her memory fall finally into her arms
			(will the man of her memory be charmed?)

before he explodes

         B            E
  at the edge of the road?

E                   A
  All is suddenly abandon,

E                                A
  all his planned accommodation failed,

E                       A
  all his actions and reactions are random,

             E                     A
hot on the scent of a stone-cold trail.

And though she burns a candle to his memory

all of her patience was bound to fail

for he's out there still

                       A                   B
with a thousand-mile stare falling on his face,

chasing after a thrill

                      A                             B
that'll take him out beyond all sense of time and place.

 A       B               A
Head on     into the unknown,

            A                                       B
here's the man chasing mystery finally missing his own.

       A                B
But that's how it goes

        E           G
at the edge of the road.

                  E            A
There's a cutting edge to the road

       E    A         E       A
at the end    of the road,

       E    A         E       A
at the edge   of the road. 

C      E  A  E  A  E  A  E  A   C    B    E

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