Peter Hammill - Bravest Face (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

Dsus4	guitar: x-x-0-2-3-3	keyboard: d-g-a
Asus4	guitar: 0-0-2-2-3-0	keyboard: a-c#-e
Adim:	guitar: 0-0-1-2-1-0	keyboard: a-c-d#
Bsus4	guitar: x-2-4-4-5-2	keyboard: b-e-f#

{D Dsus4 Asus4} x2   
 D Dsus4 Am   G

D  Dsus4     Asus4
  Here's the edge,

D  Dsus4             Asus4
        this is the moment

D      Dsus4    Am              G
  when all the fear floods in apace.

D           Dsus4   Asus4
  Time to clear my head,

D       Dsus4     Asus4
  my demeanour emboldened,

D      Dsus4  Am                G
  of trepi - dation betray no trace.

         Gm                D     Dsus4-Asus4A
Time to put on my bravest face.

Am                       Adim
  Quite the nine-stone weakling,

F                     D7
  who am I trying to kid

            G           Em
that I can carry all before me

       Bsus4          B
as my heroes did?

D  Dsus4 Asus4    D  Dsus4        Asus4
   Unafraid,         oh what I'd give to

D           Am                     G
  walk the walk with my head held high,

to stare down my demons.

          Bm                F#m
But sadly I'm not remotely like

that kind of guy.

Am                Adim    F              D7
  Bluster and bravado,      every human power,

             G                   Em
I summon up     what strength I have

              Bsus4          B
to face what cows me down.

D            Am7    D    Am     
  Now's the hour.             x3


Am                Adim
  Frozen in the spotlight,

F                D7
  frightfully exposed

          G              Em
in my sad efforts to sustain

     Bsus4   Bsus4    B
a heroic    pose.

D             Dsus4    Asus4
  Though I'm scared as hell

D           Dsus4         Asus4
  still I know it's only natural

D             Am              G
  to feel so vulnerable and alone:

       Gm                Bm
in extremis we're on our own.

It's time to take my place

and hold my head up,

time to wear with grace

my bravest face. 

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