Peter Hammill - Nadir's Big Chance (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

[Intro:] A   G   D    

           D               G               A
I've been hanging around, waiting for my chance

G                      A              D
  to tell you what I think about the music that's gone down

     G              A         G                         A
to which you madly danced - frankly, you know that it stinks.

D                                      A
I'm gonna scream, gonna shout, gonna play my guitar

            D      D    A        G    D                  D   D   A   G   D
until your body's rigid and you see stars.

 D                              G              A
Look at all the jerks in their tinsel glitter suits,

G            A      D
  pansying around; look at all the nerks

          G                A     G                        A
in their leather platform boots,   making with the heavy sound...

D                                      A
I'm gonna stamp on the stardust and scream till I'm ill -

           D         D   A        G    D          A 
if the guitar don't get ya, the drums will.

{ C-D C-D   a-C-D C-D   a-C-D C-D   G-A D-F } x4       D    A

 D                 G                    A
Now's my big break - let me up on the stage,

G                             A      D
I'll show you what it's all about; enough of the fake,

G                      A     G                                 A
  bang your feet in a rage,     tear down the walls and let us out!

 D                               A
We're more than mere morons, perpetually conned,

        D        D      A        G               D       x2     D   D   A   G 
so come on everybody, smash the system with the song.

           G      A        D
Smash the system with the song!

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