Peter Hammill - The American girl (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Bm                               F#
  She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep

for if she slept then she would dream about this:

Bm                                F#               Em
  a place where she'd be treated with respect and sympathy.

F#m             Bm
  The American girl

         F#m7              F#
set her sights on the old world,

  Bm            F#                          G    Em
thinking in the old world she'd find honesty.

Bm                               F#
And so she blew in like a breath of fresh air,

captivating all around her;

            Bm                 F#                        Em
and as she passed she left a trail of heartbreak in her wake. 

     F#m      Bm
The American Girl

         F#m7             F#
cut her teeth on the old world,

Bm                  F#                  G      Em(?)
all at once the old world hers upon a plate

          C            Gm
and fascinated by her face

the old world sealed her fate.

Bm                     F#              G         
  She felt she'd come home across the sea,

           Em           d     c# Bm
this was where she was meant to be.

C#m                          G#
  She didn't understand the potency of envy 

so ingrained in the culture

Bm                                  F#                  Em
  and soon she found contempt had grown from her familiarity.

Bm                               F#
  She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep,

she lies awake and wonders how this happened.

F#m             Bm
  The American girl 

             F#m7           F#  (?)
stubbed her toe on the old world

Bm             F#                        G
  and the old world's unforgiving rigidity.

Well times got hard

and talk came cheap;

she found that finally

Bm                  F#               G
  something wasn't right across the sea...

                       Em           F#  Bm
now she's stateless in all but her memory.

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