Peter Hammill - Wendy and the Lost Boy (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Dm  Gsus4 G   C   Am   Dm   Gsus4   G

      C                           Bb
Dear Wendy, I still believe the promises

     Dm                     Gsus4  G 
we swore upon when we were ma  -  gic.

      F                   C#
This came to me as in a dream:

                      Gsus4   G
my heart was in your hands.

 C                         Bb
Wendy, do you believe in promises?

      Dm                         C
The problem is the boy became a man.

      C                           Bb
Wendy - mother, child, lover - everything

     Dm                      Gsus4  G 
you meant to me lives on in memo - ry;

     F                        C#
to think of how we broke each other's hearts

                     Gsus4   G
is more than I can stand.

      C                           Bb
Wendy, were we in love eternally

    Dm                          C
or were we just in never-never land?

 C#                           Fm
Sometimes the boy denies the man,

 C#                           Fm
sometimes the boy defies the man,

 C#                           Fm
flying in the shade of Peter Pan....

      C                       Bb
Oh, Wendy, maybe you still remember this:

   Dm                         Gsus4  G 
a touch, a kiss that lasts fore  -  ver...

      F                        C#
but time and tide rush in conspiracy:

             Gsus4   G
all love is damned.

 C                           Bb
Wendy, I still believe the promise is

the boy's alive, 

the boy is in the man. 

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