VdGG - Giant Squid (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan mikayelabazyan@yahoo.com

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On Peter Hammill's official site, the lyrics for this one is provided along 
with its "sibling" - "Octopus". Both songs actually appear on the first US 
pressing of the album, however this one is not mentioned on the back cover, 
and is replaced by "Necromancer (later pressing was synchronized to that 
tracklist). The song was later restored in the album on its Fie! CD version 
(FIE9116). The base chord sequence is similar, as is the nature of both animals, 
and their themes are similar too. Nevertheless, I decided to provide them 

INTRO: { E  G  D } x2

E                       G                D
  I wish that you would   set me free forever

E                          G              D                 C   C   D
  but the rings on my arms are too deeply   burned...

D - D   D - D    Cm - Cm   Cm - Cm   etc.

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