Peter Hammill - This is the Fall (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

The title chord pictured for this song is 3-1-0-0-3-3. Somehow my ears 
cannot confirm this is neither the first chord played in the song, 
nor the base one. However I can clearly hear it in the last line when 
"Fall" word is sang. So given that this is the accent made on the 
essential word, my version gets a chance to survive. But still... 
I might be wrong.

I wasn't able to clearly specify the correct chords (or should I say, 
bases for quintas), but tried to put the key notes for the "Soaked, the blood..." 
Fragment, and specify some single notes. The main body is played in Dm.

Oh, and tune your lower E string down to D (but then that magic chord would be 
5-1-0-0-3-3, although I play 0-1-0-0-3-3)!

  All humans are siblings, this is a truth that I've assumed; 
all fighting over the legacy of a lifelong and timeless family feud 

d         f#         a          d
  in the name of I don't know what. 
I don't believe in God but if I did I'd surely say 
there is only one Power up above us, 
one face refracted in each different Faith. 

        C                 Dm   C                            Dm
But for every holy confessor       there's a priest of self-worth 

        C          Dm       C    F   D (?)
trading in the eternal for power on earth.

 D     E       F    C    D
Soaked,  the blood of believers 

D    E   F      G     C        D
in the ground where prophets trod. 

 D      E     F    C     A#
How in God's name did religion 

 D   E  F    G    C   D
get so far away from God? 

in D
  Oh, mercy, mercy, mercy now! 
  Oh, mercy, mercy, mercy! 

I don't believe in God but, with all respect to those who do, 
surely no purpose could be served under heaven 
if there's no mercy in this place we're passing through? 

Oh, now for every sainted ascetic drawing heavenly breath 

                              C    F   D (?)
there's a literal fanatic in love with death.

Soaked, the blood in the pages 
pored with all-too-human pride...
in what book of what religion 
is the blood-lust sanctified? 
In the name of creation, 
for whatever that is worth, 
why in God's name is religion 
bound so mortally to earth? 
Soaked, the blood of believers 
in the ground where prophets trod. 
How in God's name did religion 
fall so far away from God? 

                               3-1-0-0-3-3        Dm
This is the Fall          from God. 

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