Peter Hammill - Ferret and Featherbird (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Intro: guitar & piano improvisations on: D, C, D, C

D             C
Time has come   between us:

D                                     C
  in the passing months I've felt you   slip away

    C     G/b      D              C
as your words and mine came like nursery rhymes

                G       A    G  (D)
till there was nothing left to say.

 D    C D                    C
Dista - ance came between us    long ago,

        D              C
as our memories faded     away...

C  G         D       C
   over the miles I ceased to smile

         G      G,A      A,C      D E F G   D E F G  (I play this by shifting the D chord fingering)
because nothing      felt    the sa  -  ame.

        G      F        G   Gsus4 F 
That's how it seemed a week a  - go,

Dm                 A         A7,   Gm/D,  G/D
far off in time and space.

          D       C,D          C
Time and distance      are between us now,

      D                          C
they form a bond to make things    sure.

C  G             D                C
  Nothing ever    shatters,

G              D                C
you know what happens:

 G        D              (Bm7)    C
time and distance make a love  secure.

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