Peter Hammill - Faint-heart and the Sermon (chords-1)

Chord transcription by Ola Rinta-Koski 17-Feb-96
with modifications by Cameron Taylor 21-Jul-97 <>

With my face drained of colour
       D        E
and my brain of blood
     C#m   Bm
like Billy Budd
                          A Bm
I'm lashed to the grating
with senses growing duller
         D       E
and with quaking heart
  C#m    Bm
I make a start
                        A Bm
at temperature equating
       G          F       Em
and my lungs suck useless air

Like paraplegic dancers
in formation team
my understanding seems
hidebound in its movements,
contemplating answers
that could break my bonds -
to be half wrong
would be, in me, improvement...
but my comprehensive faculties are impaired

       Am                    Am/G
And it seems absurd, but now all I've heard
         F                  Em
fades in empty words and is worthless
       Am                    Am/G
as the Human Laugh rocks the cenotaph
        F                      Em
but the joke is half-true, and mirthless

Trying to trace a reason
         G        A
from the spinning words
    F#m      Em
but all I've heard
                                  D Em
seem at odds with their meanings,

phonetically pleasing
      G               A
but delivered in such haste
     F#m      Em
that in their place
                            D Em
my mind commences screaming

       Am                      Am/G
On the verge of belief I crash onto the reef
      F                       Em
and a cynical thief steals my senses,
     Am                      Am/G
so I cling to the pew with dimensions askew,
         F                      F#
and recognition refuses present tenses
        Bm                        Bm/A
All the lives of the saints demonstrate that my faint
     G                        F#
is a minor complaint, but the end is
nowhere in sight,
Db                           C   G/B Bb F Eb Db
why can't I find me a way to go?

  Bb                       F
I don't want to die in the nave,
      Ab                          Eb
but I know it may be with me some day
        Bb                      F
so I've got to find a way I can save up
   Ab                            Eb
my energies, and find a cause to pray
  Dbsus4 Db     Csus4 C
so something for something
                       Bb       Fm Bb Fm (...)
to which I can give my creed...

F(nochord) (...)

Bbsus4/F Fm Bbsus4/F Fm Db Eb/Db Db Eb/Db
Bbsus4/F Fm Bbsus4/F Fm Db Eb/Db Db Eb/Db Eb Db/Eb

    Eb                    Bb
I'd gladly succumb to the wave,
  Db                                Ab
I thought the water taught a way to light;
    Eb                       Bb
I'd gladly succumb - I'm not brave,

        Eb F Db Eb  Db   C        Ab      Bb
and it's easy to believe what the preacher says
    Eb F         Db Eb   Db C      Ab      C
except for the conflict raging between my head
and my brain
I don't want to die, but just the same -
 Eb  F
some day...

Waiting for that moment
       D         E
that I know will come
          C#m     Bm
when I'll have to run
my heart grows ever more faint -
and find another sermon...
Everyman and No-man
        D       E
and the talking priest -
         C#m   Bm
still, I am at least
                           A Bm
holding all the doors open
       G      F          Em
Inside me all outside is shared

       Am                        Am/G
As the cracked bells peal it all seems unreal
        F                    Em
but the seventh seal stays unbroken
        Am                      Am/G
and the Offertory plate tenders no escape -
          F                   F#
still I refuse to scrape up a token
No esteem for these false
alleyways of the course;
       F                         F#
I must try to divorce sense from sensing
Tell me again,
                   C  G/B Bb F F# Ab
tell me the way to go

Db        Fm/C
So when I talk to myself
  Bbsus4                     Bb
although I take good care to listen
B              Db
my heart grows ever more faint -
                  Bbm         Bb
there's something missing?

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