Peter Hammill - Always is Next (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

A riff- and, I would say, mood-based song, played in Am key. 
Guitar riff, bass notes and sax lines for the tune. Choose for 
yourself the way you would play this one to enjoy it. 

  Ill met, ill starred, the sweat, the scars,

                                        c   b   g   a   
	the back seat of the car, caught up in the sex,

the ties that bind, his thoughts, her mind,

                       c  b    g  a   
	why something doesn't connect...

the rush, the drool, his push, her pull,

                                    c   b     g a   
	the slushy gender pool, survive and protect.

Ill met, the lips, the tongues that dart apart 

             c  b g    a   
	for whatever's   next.

Well, now, what then, they count to ten and sense
	the current direct.
This heat, this burn so sweet, they've learned
	this stuff will never turn out as they expect.
Well then, what now? Again they've found what somehow
	still resurrects:
a fit, a freeze, a pretty please,
	drop down upon the knees and... whatever next

    Am         Em7       Am         Em7   Am
Whate - ver's next, what e - ver's next.
A clenching fist, a wrench, a twisted kiss
	will salvage this wreck.
The steam, the windows stream and in 
	the back seat of the car they never suspect -
out in the dark the Demiurge Avenger
Ill met, the gun is cocked. Though once
	they swore they'd be forever... always is next

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