Peter Hammill - Autumn (chords)

Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 08:11:08 PDT
From: yoav meyrav
note: Fmaj7-5 x-x-3-2-0-0

verse a: Am So here we are, alone - Dm E Am our children have grown up and moved away. F Am living their own lives, they say... Fmaj7-5 G E It all seems very strange to me. verse b (same a): I don't understand their ways: our children amaze me all the time and I often wonder why they make me feel so sad, and suddenly old. verse c: Am Now we're left with an empty home Dm E from our nest all the birds have flown for foreign skies. Am We're discarded, of no further use, Dm E though we gave our kids all our youth and all our lives we really tried. verse d (same as a): Now there's only my wife and me we used to have a family - now that's gone and only memories linger on... it all seems very wrong to me. verse e: Am To our sorrows they were quite deaf Dm E and as soon as they could they left us to our tears. Am We always tried to teach what was good - Dm E yes, we gave our kids all we could through all the years. verse f: Am So here we are at last; Dm E Am the time has gone so fast and so have my dreams. F E I simply don't know what it all means, Fmaj7-5 this pointless passage through the night, G Esus4 E this autumn-time, this walk upon the water... ending: Am I wonder how long G it will be till this song F E Am is sung by our own sons and daughters?

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