Van der Graaf Generator - Go (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

  Dm          G     Dm       G
There's the thing, hold it close.

Dm               G    Am                 Em          x2
  You had your fling,    you laid your ghosts.

Dm  G  Am  Em

  Dm     G     Dm
Time to leave,    close the door.

Dm             G         C      F
  You can't believe you wanted more,

 C       Am        C       Am
more or less, all for the best

       Em       Dm     C
in the end it's all behind you.

Dm   G   C   Am   Em

  Dm          G    Dm               G
There's the thing,    for all you know

      C       Am  Em         C
it's time to let go.

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