Peter Hammill - Again (chords - 1)

Chord transcription by Cameron Taylor, comments, corrections etc. <> 13-Nov-1997

             Em                   Am        D
I stretch my hands, clutch vacant laughter 
    Bm               Em
in silence and sweet, sweet pain;
         Em                 Am      D
without demand, but with a longing 
Bm                           Em
   for what will never come again.

I smell your perfume on the sheets in the morning
it lingers like the patterns on the window after rain
a past that lives, if only for the present..
which is gone and will never come again.

        Bm                        F#m
To your sad eyes,  turned away, mine say
 B   A    B   A    Em
'Do you? Did you? How?'
        Bm                       F#m
As the darkness  slides away the day
B     A             B      A      Em
shows what was  and makes what is now.

I see your picture as though it were a mirror
but there's no part of you outside the frame
except the change that you gave to me 
this will never come again.

     Em              Am       D
I am me, I was so before you,
    Bm                      Em
but afterwards I am not the same.
         Em             Am       D
You are gone  and I am with you
Bm                    Em     D
this will never come again.
Bm                   Em       D
This will never come again     
Bm                    Em     
this will never come again

In verse 1 the chords Em Am and D are prefaced with the notes E G

In the bridge play the B to A gently and not with full chords.

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