Peter Hammill - Wilhelmina (chords)

Chord transcription by Francois Couture,
In addition to chords, the piano follows the lead melody, but I will let you figure out those notes for yourselves.
C                   Dm
Willie, what can I say to you

        G                       F
to hold true in your changing life?

C                   Dm
You've come into a cruel world;

        G                                       F
little girls can lose their way in the growing night...

                    C       F   C       F
I hope you'll be alright.

C                       Dm        
Willie, try to stay a child sometime,

        G                         F
for as long as you feel you can learn.

C                   Dm
Babies all turn to people

    Gm                    F     Am  Cm7 D
and people can really be strange;

     G            Gmaj7           E     F
they change and, changing, bring pain.

Try to treat your parents well because they care,

and what more can you do?

When you find your lovers, be good to them

as you hope they'll be to you -

    G       Am  Am7
be honest,

    F       Dm
be true.

C                   Dm
Willie, you are the future;

        G                               F
all our lives, in the end are in your hands.

C                                   Dm
Life's hard now; you know it gets harder

    G                       F
and hope is but a single strand:

we pass it on and hope you'll understand....


(instr. section)

C   F   Dm  G
Em  C   Fsus2   Csus2
C   F   C   F        

We know that we do it wrong,

we're not so strong and not so sure at all;

groping in our blindness,

we may seem big now but, really, we're so

C           G           Am          G
small and alone and searching for a home

        F       Dm
in the night.

C                           Dm
Meanwhile you're still a baby;

you'll be a lady soon enough

and then you will feel the burn.

                    C                   Dm
So hold my words: people all turn to children,

            Gm                              F   Am     Cm7  D
spiteful children, and they're really so cruel,

cruel fools!

     Gmaj7        E   F        
Just follow your own rules...

C                     C
don't think that I'm silly, Willie,

C           C                 C
if I say I hope that there is hope for you.

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