Peter Hammill - Your Tall Ship (chords-2)

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 17:47:44 +0200
From: Dagmar Klein

Completely from memory, as the only keyboard I have here is the one on
my computer, but I've played this one so many times (with amazing
effect on an audience use to my songs ? that I think I can add to Bill's
version what I consider to be the right chords...

Dagmar 41

Your Tall Ship

C             G          F                 G
Far, so far away, surely you remember
C                G
log book pages frayed
      Am                             D        G
that fanned the flames of long ago -
  C              G
guttered in the grate:
 F                      G
shadows in the embers...
 G     F     G/b        C
look away, look for home.

Voices ...
    G    F     G/b        C
...sail away, sail for home,
 G     F    G/b        C
look away, look for home.

 C            Em                        Am                 Em
Land-locked lovers, landlub friends, in procession:
 Am             F      G      C
all rites of passage have an end,
C                F
look away, sail away,
C     F     Am      G        C
sail your tall       ship home.

We are...
...look for home.
Look away in the Roaring Forties...
(This is an improvised tune over the alternating chords of F and C.
Simple really.)
  C               Em                 Am
Land-locked lovers, littoral friends,
Am      Em                   Am
the succession never ends...
     Am      Em                   Am
the spirit's willing to carry on;
Am               F      G       C
all rites of passage make us strong.

Sail away,
sail away,
C     F      Am     G    C
Sail your tall

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