VdGG - Orthenthian Street (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan mikayelabazyan@yahoo.com

Playing tips

I think, the starting point for playing this song could be the fact that on the 
original record it is presented in two parts (due to the limitation of recording 
time it was not finalized as a whole). Part 1 is to be played according to the 
transcript. As for the Part 2 - use capo on 5th fret and try playing by using 
the same positioning of chords as in Part 1. You will get the correct chord 
sequence. In other words, if you play D without capo the resulting chord will be D, 
and if you put your fingers in the same way with capo on 5th fret you will get A, 
which is required for Part 2.

Dm(no 3rd)      x x 0 2 3 0
Dm(no 3rd)/c    x 3 0 2 3 0
Dm(no 3rd)/b    x 2 0 2 3 0
Dm(no 3rd)/a    x 0 0 2 3 0
Em(+g)          x 2 2 0 0 3
G(extra 1)      x x 0 2 0 2 (with capo on 5th fret!)
G(extra 2)      x x 5 2 0 2 (with capo on 5th fret!)

Dm(no 3rd)         Dm(no 3rd)/c   Dm(no 3rd)/b              Dm(no 3rd)/a
  I feel a calling   for the sea,     I want to walk on the   sand dunes;

Dm(no 3rd)      Dm(no 3rd)/c   Dm(no 3rd)/b       Dm(no 3rd)
  I hope you'll   forgive me     if I say I can't    take you...

G               C                 D
  at some times   I've got to get away,

    G       Bm7    Em                 G
if just to get a break from the play

that we're all involved in.

All the love I'm living now could have ended yesterday
if the snow had fallen too hard up there on the Motorway.
If it happens, don't feel sorry, I won't feel alone:
it's just another travelling zone
that you can't come on.

For plating Part 2 easily (in the way the Part 1 is played), use capo on 5th fret.

Gm(no 3rd)/g  Gm(no 3rd)/f
  Can't stop      for a second:

Gm(no 3rd)/d#       Gm(no 3rd)/d
  we might see how silly we all are.

Gm(no 3rd)/g     Gm(no 3rd)/f
  Can't get out, even for a moment,

Gm(no 3rd)/d#        Gm(no 3rd)/d     
  might be hit by a passing car.

Then come two "chords" I have absolutely no idea what they are and how to correctly name them, 
that's why I used 'extra' words here. See above how I play them.

G(extra 1)  G(extra 1)x2  

  D      D#         A#  A# A# A
Dreams shatter and fall into dust,

    D   D          D#   Cm     A# A#        A
as long as we're travelling I suppose they must.

                 C/c               G/g         A/a
But, while we're on the road, our days'll be glowing;

D/d                          C/c
  and when we part, as you know we must,

we'll leave, just going

A/d   A/c#  A/c   A/b#
ever  so  slow - ly,

A/d   A/c#  A/c   A/b#
ever  so  slow - ly,

A/d   A/c#  A/c   A/b#  A/a#   A

The above three lines I play on 5th and 6th strings only, and in the following way 
(showing on the example of the last line):

5th string:	12	12	10	10	8	5
6th string:	10	9	8	7	6	5

Take capo off here, because starting from this point the same Part 1 chord sequence is used.

Motorway signs flash past like flies,
it's getting late and we're going home.
We all travel in parallel lines,
heading into the twilight zone.
All I really want now is you by my side;
yes, it's a sweet ride
while we're still together.
Yes, it's a sunny day, and we're off on our sea trip;
The water may be cold in the bay,
but we're safe on our sailing ship,
and, if the ice forms, you can walk home to land
and still cling to my hand
if you still want to....

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