Peter Hammill - Friday Afternoon (chords)

(tabs by Antonio Rodrigues)

Intro: Bm / C

Bm				C / Bm
Why wait for life to happen,
Bm				C			
when right before our eyes
Bm				C 
blind fate unwraps its patterns?
F / Am			E dim
I just said "See you soon".
Am		Bb
My piano was in tune
Eb			   A
when you walked out of the room.
			Ab4 / Ab
It felt like any normal Friday.

At concert pitch, 440 
the pressure's many tons;
the weight of life befalls me.
I wish I could pretend
my piano's on the mend.
You treated it like a friend, left it to settle down over the weekend.

B							F dim
You've got a ticket on the terraces for the game on Saturday
B				F dim
and afterwards you might go for a beer.
B						F dim
On Sunday afternoon you'll take the family to the park
and later, when it's getting dark
you'll say "We've still got that old spark",
Dbm						Bb4 /Db
you'll say "Oh, aren't we just so lucky to be here...."

Ebm / Gb / Abm /Bbm / Gb / Abm / Ebm

Bm				C / Bm
So stupid and so senseless.... 
Bm										C
Sometimes we're pulled up short, quite shockingly defenceless.
Fm				Eb dim
I don't know what to do: my piano's out of tune...
								Ab4 / F dim
it's not as if I can assume that it's ever going to get any better now.

B							F dim
A liquid lunch appointment when the working week is done,
B							F dim
there's time for one more just before he goes.
B							F dim
A quick glance at the watch and now it's time to head for home.
And so it's goodbye to the ladies,
grabs the keys to his Mercedes,
B				Gb6
thinking "Maybe I should get a cab....". 
But no.
Bm			C
Blind drunk, he met you head on.
Bm			C
On a normal Friday afternoon.

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