Van der Graaf Generator - Every Bloody Emperor (chords)

Verses and chorus are all the same

6/8 time. 

Intro on G-

G-                 D-         G-          C     F
By this we are all sustained: a belief in human nature
G-                          F                  C              D5   G-
And in justice and parity...all we have is the faith to carry on.

G-                 D-          G-            C    F
Imperceptible the change as our votes become mere gestures
G-                         F
And our lords and masters determine to cast us
       C                  D5
In the roles of serfs and slaves
In the new empire's name.
         C            F      Bb                  G-
Yes and every bloody emperor claims that freedom is his cause
        C             F                  G-  D5  G-
As he buffs up on his common touch as a get-out clause.

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