Peter Hammill - Lunatic in Knots (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

In the verses I can hear just a base chord, while the harmonic picture is created by guitar and 
bass. Chords are not difficult to play here. What IS important is how you are going to support 
the rhythm and add harmonical shades.

Am  G   Dm   Am   Am   G   F    x2

  Unchain me from this lunatic
before he drags me to my knees;
I'd have to be some kind of Houdini

to unpick knots like these.

Am              G              Dm       Am
  While I was sleeping half a lifetime away

someone moved the scenery,

G                        F
  all my blocks went astray.

             Am    G   Dm    Am
So I awoke uneasy

Am            G          Fm (?)
  and, as I spoke, grew queasy...

  I don't remember much about last night
but I suspect I went too far,
became just a passenger in my actions,

asleep at the wheel of the car.

Am              G                Dm         Am
  While I was sleeping someone stole in my room,

rearranged the pictures 

       G                 F
and threw my bookmarks away.

      Am              G
The shadow's swiftly deepening

        Dm              Am
in the tidepull of the moon

while the lunatic

does his party tricks

but what makes him tick

             G                F
he's still most reluctant to say.

  Before the facts there's no pat explanation...
only this Other implies
whatever I did was Not I.

While I was sleeping
off the wake of the wake
I was less at home in my dreams than in my mistakes.
The lunatic's been creeping
settling and setting on my face
and we're bound together
we're tied and tethered
I don't know whether
the bond is one I can break.
After the act there's no hidden intention,
just fumbling around for the plot,
tying myself up tighter and tighter in knots.

  So many angels,
however many can there be, ghosts and djinns

dancing on the head of a pin?
How many questions are left unresolved?

Exactly where do I begin

now that the walls are closing in?
Who's the lunatic

and who's the sensible soul deep within the skin,

                         E x3        F# x3      Em
hanging on and listening in...?
Bridge: (Bridge starts with four Am-based chords, changing fingers on 2nd string:) Am  Am(2=0)  Am(2=3)  Am  

Am   G   F(1=0)                       Em
                Unchain me from this lunatic

G                      F(1=0)
  restrain him in his cage

  keep him away from me

G                          F(1=0) (This F matches the first F of the next fragment "Unchain me...", denoted F*)
  keep him away from the stage.

F*                      Em
  Unchain me from this lunatic

G                                F
  whose every action shouts me down;

  keep him away from me,

G                          F
  keep me away from this clown.

F                       Em        
  Unchain me from this lunatic

G                      F
  restrain him in his cage

  keep him away from me

  keep him away from me

F                        Em         {D  C  C(1=3)}  x6     E
  keep me away from his rage

Am            G
While I was sleeping 

     Dm       Am
the lunatic stirred.

I've no alibi

for his beady eye.

Oh, I talk my head off...

G                ????
  he's a man of few words. 

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