Peter Hammill - Two Views (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

F#m	x x x 6 7 5
Em	x x x 4 5 3
Am	x x x 9 10 8
Gm*	x x x 8 9 7   (or Abm ?)
E	x x x 4 5 4
D*	x x x 11 12 10
D?	x 5 4 0 3 0

Intro: { F#m  Em } x2     F#m  Am

F#m              Em
  Only fleeting,    our residence here,

F#m             Am
  our passage transitory,

F#m            Em
  waiting out time in our rented rooms,

 F#m         Am                           F#m  Em       F#m  Am
rooms with two views.

     Abm (or Gm?)          E
The room that you leave's

         Abm                  D*
not the same one you entered,

           Abm            F#m          Abm       D*
while the time that you spent in between's

                       Abm     F#m
bedded down with the sheets.

Look forward,

D             Em
  don't look back.

C             D?    Em
  Have no regrets, dear.

   C         D?         Bm
Behind you clouds are black

                                C     D?   Em
but look, the skies ahead are clear.

F#m  Em    F#m  Em    F#m  Am

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