VdGG - White Hammer (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan mikayelabazyan@yahoo.com

Playing tips

G(+d)       3 2 0 0 3 0
Bb/F(+g)    1 1 3 3 3 3
D7          x x 0 2 1 2
D6          x x 0 2 0 2
D7sus2      x x 0 0 3 2
A6          x x 2 2 2 2 (or 0 0 2 2 2 2)


G(+d)         F      C                      G
  In the year   1486   the Malleus first appeared,

G(+d)      F                        C                   G
  designed   to kill all witchcraft   and end the papal   fears:

D              Em         G                Bb/F(+g)  F
  prescribing tortures to   kill the Black A    -    arts;

D D7          D6             D  Dsus2          D  D7  D6    D  Dsus2
  and the Hammer struck hard.

G(+d)     F             C                  G
  Malleus   Maleficarum   slaughtered and tortured

G(+d)       F                  C                     G
  all those   under suspicion,   as the Inquisistion   ordered -

D                          Em               G              Bb/F(+g) F
  burning black hearts and innocents alike,   killing the ma   -    ad;

D D7         D6          D  Dsus2      D         D7  D6    D  Dsus2
    such was   the power          the Hammer had.

Em                          A
  Though Hexenhammer was intended to slay only evil,

Em                        A
  fear and anger against magic overspilled:

     D             G   D        Em
they also killed those of the White.

G(+d)    F                   C                   G      G  F  D#
  So for   two centuries and   more they tried to slay

G(+d)            F             
  both the Black   and the White Arts -

C                  G
  but spirits override pain.

D                        Em                G             Bb/F(+g) F
  For every one that the   torture took, two were hid secu   -   re,

D D7     D6          D   Dsus2            D  D7   D6    D  Dsus2
  and so   the craft          (yes it) en - dured.

D D7     D6          D   Dsus2

Em                       A
  Love and hate lived on in the face of fear,

Em                     A
  Hexenhammer's force died,

         D    D     G D     Em
and the real power became clear:

G(+d)          F                    C                  G
  White Hammer   no more is beaten;   now it begins to   beat,

G(+d)          F 
  and the Grey,  once oppressor,

C                           G
  now, at good hands, faces   defeat.

D                           Em          G             Bb/F(+g) F
  And the Black, too, shall   bow down to the power abo   -    ove;

D   D7       D6           D   Dsus2       
  Black hate   beats Grey

D  D7   D6     D   Dsus2
   but supreme is

B               Bsus4  B    A6      B               Bsus4  B    A6
  the White Hammer of    Lo-ove,      the White Hammer of    Lo-ove.

{ G#7  C#  G#  F# } x2

{ F7   Bb  F   D# } x2

D   D7  D6  D   Dsus2  

Improvisation in D follows, which finally calms down. Then, the organ starts 
playing its omnious section.

d   d#   a#   f#

Instruments enter, and lead this theme until the very last part of the section, 
which is slightly different.

d   d#   f#   a#

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