VdGG - Wondering (chords)

From: "Pushing E. Thirty"
Subject: Van Der Graaf World Record
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 14:31:53 GMT


(Banton / Hammill)


[ F#+A, C (x4) G+E, C (x4) ] (x2)

Verse A1:

D A   D
I  will arise: 
Am    G         B       D     A7 D
in the depths, I will open my eyes; 
Em/G G        Am/E                 G  Em  D  D/A  A
as my breath almost fails me,                       survive. 

Verse B:

D                                   C
Wait--there's something unclear, 
                              B                                  E  A
there's something I fear now drawing close. 
C#m                                       A/E
Could it be you? Whose is that voice? 
               F#m7          B
Is it now time to make a choice? 
E                E6      D
Ah--that irrational pain! 
            Bm/D  F               A/E    F#
This ridiculous  brain now bursts with joy. 
                  D                     Bm     Bm7 Bm6
Could it be me? Could it be now? 
         A/E               E/B     D/A E
Should I begin to take my vows?


the organ notes are: E A D, E A C# in a loop. Bass is a constant A.

Verse A2:

D A   D
I will return: 
Am    G         B          D     A7 D
as I live, as I breathe, as I burn 
Em/G G         Am/E                 G  Em
I swear I will come through,

Verse C:

with my hands stretching out in the dark, 
with my eye pressed up tight to the glass, 
D                       D/A A      D
wondering if it's all   been true.


D A7 D Em/G B Ebdim6 Em G/D D A A7 (and repeat).

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