Peter Hammill - In The End (chords)

Heres the main body of the song.

It is meant to be played on piano, as far as any brave musician dares to figure out how to adjust the song for any other instrument.

Though, I believe it may lose its singular character. Anyway, its up to you now.


The notes that follow the / are bass notes. Mostly they are written in capital letters.

Single notes are in small letters.

The notes written with hyphens  - in between must be played together, or one after the other, depending on the case.

Chords followed by a number include the respective grade of the scale, mostly excluding the third grade. (I didnt know how else to put it down, since Im only a beginner).

The [ ] and ( )s  follow schemathical purposes. I hope they wont turn out to be confusing.

The rest is for you all to figure out&

Overall, I believe its pretty accurate. Hope you enjoy it&


                                                                              El Rolo, June 5, 2003. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


In the End

       Cm                                               Bb

I promise you, I won't leave a clue:
       Cm                                               Bb
no tell-tale remark, no print from my shoe.
Fm                                 Eb                 
Still, a steady trail to the water's edge
   Eb/D                      F(4)       
I will keep my pledge to the end:
F                      Fm       Eb(4)  Eb
I intend to go free.

Cm                                        [Cm/Eb-D-C]    Bb      [d-c-bb-g] Bb/G             
No more rushing around, no more tra-ve-lling chess;
Cm                                             [Cm/Eb - D - C]    Bb    Bb/G
I guess I'd better sit down, you know I do need the rest....
Fm                                           Eb                    Eb/D
Yes, it's time to resign with equanimity and placidity
from the game,
I can't explain;
I can't relate....
  E                           Em
Have I done it all too late?
Fm                                          [ab-c/Ab]   [bb-d/Bb]   [g-b/G]
Now, is the time for the com   - mis       -     sion    to   report;
  [g-b/G]  [ab-c/Ab]  [gb-bb/Gb]          Fm
till late  -  ly,     I       thought I'd been planted.

Fm &                          (Same as above)
Trying hard to make it  all-come-real,
permission to feel is ungranted.
B(4)                             [B(4)/ B  -    C  -       D   -  E]    B(4)  
But, now it's happening, I'd    like to keep it private if I can:
[B(4)/ B  -    C      -      D   -    E]     Bb
last words, last looks, make a final stand,
[Bb/ Bb  -    C  -       D   -  E]          Bb
Now my number's come up on the Pools,
[Bb/ Bb  -    C  -       D   -  E]        f #
guess I'll board the Titanic for a cruise....
[C] - 2
[Same as above till: into unknown&]
Now is the time to make my status clear,
too late, I fear, and lonely,
as friends and enemies traverse the stage,
all in a rage, disown me.
And all the pit-props shatter into dust about my ears:
memory and conscience, hope and fear.
As I crawl out further on the limb
                                            [F# (eb)
something tells me I am crawling  in
(db)-(c) - (bb) [F#](eb)- (db) -(c) - (bb)] Fm
to  - unk - nown    pro - phe - cies  and   lives
[almost the same&]                                 Fm (ab-f-c) C(4)   C   Cm
the rainbow's end is hemmed around with knives....


(Same as [B] but without bass variation)
As I stand on the boards and the stage lights go dim,
shall I go out of doors, or shall I maybe go in?
Have I reached the point when I should take my cue
                                   (Faster & Stronger)
and follow you and your signs?
I can't remember my lines
as the prompter of cat-calls
and the cards all fall
in the strike&
(Both Hands)
(gb-f-e) (gb-f-e) (gb-f-e-eb-d& semitones till g)
(Same as [B] plus the following additional bass notes)
All the pages are thin, all the corners are curled.
Does the starshine fall in through my window on the world?
Or am I living out (the seeds of doubt) a chronicle of revenge?
F          +         [A-C-A]
The willow bends
E          +    [A-B-A]
as do my hands
E          +       [B-Ab-E]           
do you understand?
And will you still be my friend
[B-G-E]          f # (c)              
            in the end?

When my mouth falls slack
      (c # - f #)/C#
and I can't summon up another tune,
(bb-d)/Bb                     (a-c#)/A
shall I then look back and say  I did it all
too soon?

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