Peter Hammill - Gaia (chords)

Chord transcription by Mikayel Abazyan

Playing tips

Small letters denote single notes, while capital letters stand for chords, like C = c e g. 
Most probably, someone with better knowledge of the musical structures and skills in 
identifying the correct chords will say "Hey, this is a simple G7-5sus2maj@#$ chord!" - you 
are always welcome to correct me. Please keep in mind that I tried to put on a piece of 
paper what my fingers told me was right, and it is not always that my ears give their 
approval for what is written, so please take this with understanding that this is just a 
hint of how to play. The recorded music IS the ultimate source of everything, not my 
transcription. Anyway... 

G        3-2-0-0-0-x
G/f      1-2-0-0-0-x
Em(add2) 0-2-2-0-0-2
G6       1-2-0-0-0-0
A7/g     x-0-2-0-2-3 (keyboard: g/ g-c#-e-a)
Bm(5-)7              (keyboard: b-d-f-a)

Intro:	Am   Bm7

        G            G/f
Butterflies on the wheel

      Em                 C
of a world that turns unyieldingly...

        Am             C
every fragile beating wing

           Am             Bm
moves the motor of the thing,

     Em(add2)  Em
oh, Ga    -   ia!
        G            G/f
Butterflies stir a breeze

        Em              C
and the ripples flow unceasingly:

      Am                C
far away the cyclones swirl.

         Am             Bm
It's a whole, connected world.

     Em(add2)  Em
oh, Ga    -   ia!

 Bm                G        G7     G6
Wipe those tears from your tired  eyes:

Bm               G              G7             Am  Bm  Bm  C#m
every breath you take a sacred sigh.

A  A7/g  F#m   D      Bm   D   Bm   C#m

        A            A7/g         
Butterflies on the wheel

       F#m            D
making order out of chaos

          Bm           D
and each ripple in the air

           Bm         C#m
turns the motor everywhere.

D  C  G  F  D#  G(+a) G

Bm                      G       G7      G6
Cry those tears, then dry those tired   eyes:

Bm                G               G7             G   Bm(5-)7  Em  f-a-b
every breath you take keeps you alive.

        G        G/f
Butterflies as we are

            Em                 C
freeze in flight beneath the starry sky

          Am              C
but the ghosts fly on and on...

	 Am		 Bm        
in this sense we all belong,

     Em(add2)  Em
oh, Ga    -   ia!

         Am             C
And the sum of all the parts

       Bm             D
is the all-forgiving heart

Bm     Em(add2)  Em
of    Ga    -   ia!

D  C  G  F  D#  G(+a) G

Outro:	Am   Bm7

     Em(add2)  Em
oh, Ga    -   ia!

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