Peter Hammill - Child (chords)

from PH's "Fool's Mate" 1971

chord transcription by Maxim Koutskevitch <>, 16.05.1998 (modified 7.10.1998)
corrections welcome !

intro:    Cmaj/G   Fmaj/C 

Cmaj/G        Fmaj/C 
I don't know quite what's happening

Cmaj/G         Fmaj/C 
and my eyes  don't see too clear;

Bm7             Am
all I know is I need you here,

Dmaj                          Dm
if only to shield me from the mood of the world

    Gm                 Dm
and hold me and say it doesn't matter....

               Am         Bm7           Esus4
		but I'm like a child             whose dreams are shattered,

Crowding round me: images of broken thought,
lines of my life now overgrown.
All I can feel is I'm so alone,
without even your bright eyes to reach into my mind
and say that in my life I've done right,
		and I'm like a moonchild in the sunlight.

So cast your thoughts upon me, wherever you are,
that I may feel you close beside me
and hold your hand, for you to guide me
through all these catacombs which freeze me
				with their touch; 
unknowing, knowing so much, my mind cries out
		and I'm like a child when the light's out

Cmaj/G           Fmaj/C            Cmaj/G 
With a child's fear of the dark....

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