Peter Hammill - Unrehearsed (chords)

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 08:09:33
From: Dagmar 41 Klein

Em                       Bm
Time for the unrehearsed entrance
Em                     Bm 
All that you are is at stake (* this is the way he sings it nowadays*)
D                            Bm                  Em Bm    A  
Down the cocktail while it's laughing at you for heaven's sake
I can't be your protector
>From those deliberate mistakes.
Em                           Bm
Between the "can't" and the "Maybe"
Em                           Bm 
A lifetime's hovering in the wings
Em                         Bm
Grasp the nettle, bite the bullet
              Em                        Bm  
Push your own buttons and pull your own strings
D                             Bm              Em Bm   A   
Name your poison while you're got he power, a hundred proof
I can't be your protector
>From self-neglect or abuse
This is not a rehearsal 
And fear is not an excuse.
And if you won't step out on the boards 
you'll find your place already on the shelf
C                                           Bm
You can only find the sum of your parts yourself
Em               Bm
Unprepared and unready
             Em                  Bm 
Is that an excuse or a point of view?
        Em                            Bm 
You can block out the words in anagrammatical swordplay
              Em                         Bm   
But it's your own life you'll be running through
        D                        Bm                Em Bm  A  
Time to drink a cocktail of your own invention for pity's sake
I can't be your protector
I won't be there when you wake
To honour all the hidden intentions
In your deliberate mistakes
G                         Bm
Behind your deliberate mistakes.
Em           B (bass: e)           Bm (bass: e)    Esus6 (b, c#, e over an e)
Deliberation could be mistaken for coldness of the heart;
(repeat this riff)
Procrastination won't get you anywhere except aloof and apart;
What's the golden opportunity you're hanging on here for - isn't it just this?
Go! Start!
--- now here comes the bit that's impossible to write down. I'll just give
the notes and leave the extremelöy unsteady beat to your own ears! ---
b e' a      a   b g  e   e      g    a  b  e' a  a b    g   e    e g a g e 
Unrehearsed and unready, that's what we are, what we've all been cast into
It's not four square, the beat's unsteady but
This is this and making something of it's up to you.
repeat end riff: e g a g e
Em                          B (bass: e)
An unexpected exit's always waiting
Em                                       B (bass: e)
Although it seems it's something you can bluff your way through
Em                     B (bass: e)     
Spit that wooden spoon out of your mouth
        Em	         B (bass: e) 			 
And eat up, the moment's long overdue
D                      Bm                Em Bm  A  
Take your medicine and face whatever the future brings
I can't be your protector
Can't take you under my wings
This is not a rehearsal
This is the real thing
G           B2
This is for real.

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