A science - fiction story ... written by Peter Hammill recorded by italian band Le Orme, Venice 1973 http://www.juristin.de/hammill/felonasorona.html

  1. In Between
  2. Felona
  3. The Maker
  4. Web Of Time
  5. Sorona
  6. The Plan
  7. The Balance

    In Between

    No changes outside of time: 
    two planets exist side by side 
    neither aware of the other, 
    though they are intertwined. 
    Like branches of a tree 
    they (have no thought) of what they belong to ... 
    what of the trunk in between, 
    what of the energy? 
    (that makes it all be ..) 
    Two planets in harmony 
    of opposition - the supposition 
    is that, when one is serene 
    then the other is sad. 
    What of the Man in between? 
    He smiles on one and its life is happy; 
    his back is turned on the other, 
    and a shadow is cast... 
    He is the man who makes the soap balls 
    creating magic happiness for all who touch them 
    they are good enough to eat, taste like marzipan; 
    give buoyancy to boats, and peace to man 
    before them, all neurosis meekly fails... 
    some even say that such a sacrament must be 
    the Holy Grail.


    The people of Felona are happy as can be; 
    every day`s a holiday with wine and levity ... 
    nothing really matters except their daily meals 
    and they are taken care of by the soap balls in the fields. 
    Living in round houses, the music of the Spheres 
    permeates their beings and echoes in their ears ... 
    nothing really matters except to be alive, 
    and that is taken care of by the soap balls from the sky ... 
    The house-spheres are so mobile, powered by the wind; 
    they move without discomfort to the families within. 
    Moving as the wind blows, over hill and vale, 
    bouncing through the countryside like elastic whales! 
    And finally, when evening comes and the winds die down 
    the spheres are left as villages and new neighbours are found ... 
    the wind creates communities, tomorrow they`ll be gone, 
    but the people just make holiday and join in happy songs.

    The Maker

    "I`ve watched this world, it seems, a long time; 
    the people here are joyous, and something calls me 
    far away ... " 
    He is the Man they call the Maker 
    he`s almost humanoid 
    but there is still a void 
    between Him and the men he sheltes 
    he brings them happiness ... 
    he tries, but nonetheless 
    has none to use himself, in private; 
    there are no friends for Him - 
    How very lonely to be God! 
    Or maybe more than this, for He is Life 
    He is the bond between worlds some call Time. 
    But, for all this, he receives no worship ... 
    no core of peace lies deep down in his mind. 
    So: demi-God for two planets at once 
    and when he just looks away, one decays ... 
    for energy runs from one to the other 
    and joy and pain interchange with his gaze. 
    Deus in Machina/saviour who only half perceives. 
    "I can do no more - I`ve made a heaven here... 
    I`ve given them my love and now must see my other world ... 
    what happens there?"

    Web Of Time

    Across the web of time a planet spins, 
    here, where the ending is, here it begins with life 
    of content, free as air ... 
    changes have come since the Maker was there! 
    He left them with his words but took their wind 
    The light of his teachings grew dimmer 
    till it had quite disappeared in the dark 
    They forgot everything and snuffed the spark of joy. 
    The soap-balls disappeared, the land was scarred 
    no longer spherical, the houses became hard 
    like the hearts of the men 
    who walk the streets 
    in despair ...


    Endless faces which wear the shadow of sadness as their masks; 
    nameless voices which rise in concert to welcome in the dark; 
    Huddled shoulders against the presence of Sorrow in the streets, 
    passing among the crowd and touching the sould of all he meets ... 
    and deep in their eyes you find 
    an anguish that clamours for release ... 
    if only to be blind. 
    Every evening they join together around their village squares, 
    hoping that the Messiah will come and banish their despair ... 
    they`re looking for a miracle; 
    there`s nothing left to look for, if you dare! 
    maybe now He comes! 
    Fingers tingling and bodies ringing in harmony with words 
    whose melodies and phrases are now forgotten, 
    though once heard ... 
    suddenly there`s a smile or two; 
    suddenly the tide begins to turn ...

    The Plan

    "This is the plan: 
    think of your fellow man ... 
    do what you can to make all life 
    a part of your own!"

    The Balance

    Two perfect worlds for a moment exist: 
    Felona of happiness, Sorona of bliss ... 
    It seems that the future holds untarnished joy 
    but whenever you build, you also destroy. 
    All things are equal while all things survive 
    life has no movement without turning of tides. 
    The Maker who moves them, he does his best, 
    but people always eat soap-balls and forget the rest. 
    In Felona the wind falls, the start of decline .. 
    the spheres cease to move, it will only take time 
    till the planet is static, its happiness dead, 
    and death is the feeling in the people`s heads. 
    For Sorona, a golden age has begun to dawn 
    and all words of caution are treated with scorn 
    As thought for tomorrow - indulgent today 
    What when the Maker once more goes away? 
    If there is an ending, it surely comes here: 
    Sorona in happiness, Felona in fear ... 
    but endings are circular, and life is the line ... 
    It goes on for ever - 
    No change outside Time!

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