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From Sofa Sound:
New Peter Hammill CD "What, now?" will be realized at 25 June 2001.

A couple of Peter Hammill solo shows on 27th and 29th July, in Nuremberg as part of the Bardentreffen festival.

I was on the 27 July show. Very impressive! Comments (and, may be, photos) here later...

Information from Fie! Records ( about new Peter Hammill album:

'This' is the fortieth album for which Peter Hammill has been responsible...some would say guilty. It is released on the eve of his fiftieth birthday, after thirty years of music making.  The seven songs(and three instrumental 'fragments') on 'This' mark a clear statement of intent to continue pushing at boundaries within the overall context of The Song. Many features of the soundscape will be familiar to those who have followed Peter's music over the years: shape-shifting changes of mood and temperature; lots of "how did we get here from there;" instrumental colouring by turns delicate and brutal; trademark washes of backing vocals; the juxtaposition of the tightly arranged and the purely improvised. Instrumental contributors are his long-term cohorts Stuart Gordon (violin),Manny Elias (percussion) and David Jackson (saxes and flute). The lead voice is, as always, insistently to the fore, with the passing of time and rites of passage remaining the central lyrical concerns.

To some, Peter is barking mad; to others, an eccentric of genius. What is clear is that his appetite for
the fray remains undiminished. Moments here such as the guitar-driven nastiness of 'Always is
Next,' the languorous development of 'The Light Continent' or the piano-based meditation on
parenthood of 'Since the Kids' offer proof that This has not stopped yet....

         PH Tour Dates  in December:
         8th Brussels
         10th Dortmund
         11th somewhere-near Chemnitz?
         12th Prague
       13th Berlin
         15th Freiburg
         16th Frankfurt
         17th tba
         18th Saasrbrucken
         19th Mannheim**
         20th Hanburg**
         ** These two are a tad bizarre, 45-minute sets supptorting Georges

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